Privacy Policy

Data Collection

Amazing Beast will sometimes use cookies to enhance your user experience. This is a piece of text that is saved to your browser by a website, and almost all websites on the internet will use cookies in some form. This allows a website to save particular information to your device so that it can later be retrieved. For example, this let’s us see how often you have been visiting our website.

Cookies do not collect personal information about you. You can, however, set your browser to not accept cookies from the Amazing Beast website if you wish. This will, however, mean that some services we offer do not work.

Google collects anonymous information about your visits for the purpose of providing Amazing Beast with statistics about users visiting our website. For example, they provide us with the number of visits per person, location, device used, browser type, etc. This data is all anonymous, and it is not possible for us to trace a particular person through this information.

Personal Data
Our platform has a number of features that require you to register, and provide personal data, for you to be able to use these features. For example, this is necessary for registering an account.

Information we will collect includes:
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail
Your email address will not be added to a mailing list automatically.

Access to Your Personal Information

Under GDPR regulations for EU members, anyone who provides their data to Amazing Beast has the right to access and amend it. You can request complete removal of your account by contacting us, or you can use the “Delete Account” options in your profile settings.