Terms of Use

  1. You must own the copyright
    You must be the owner of the image. Copyright law is fundamental to this website, as photographers. If you did not take the image, do not post it. This also means not to share or copy any of the images without prior permission from the poster.
  2. Do not post nesting images
    Our primary concern is for the welfare of the beast you are photographing. We do not condone approaching nesting birds or beasts, as this often leads to parents abandoning the young.
  3. No landscapes, seascapes, flowers, plants, etc.
    This is a wildlife photography website, please post images only of Fauna... no Flora.
  4. If posting images of sensitive/endangered beasts, please do not publicly share their precise locations
    This rule is to protect the beast in question. We don't want to put any beasts at risk by people seeing an image on this website, rushing out to find the beast, and consequently endangering it.
  5. No pets, domesticated beasts (i.e. cats, dogs, cattle, etc), or captive beasts
    This is a wildlife website, so please post natural habitats only (large nature preserves are acceptable). No safari or zoo animals.
  6. No commercial or advertising posts
    Only links to personal pages are permitted.
  7. Be kind and courteous
    We are here to create a welcoming environment, so let's treat everyone with respect. Do not critique an image unless requested by the poster. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!

- AB